Endowment Fund

Trinity's endowment fund exists to provide members and friends of Trinity UMC the opportunity to make charitable gifts that become part of the principal of a permanent endowment fund managed by the Florida United Methodist Foundation.  The principal generates income as a living memorial to the donors whose beliefs and dreams for future generations are empowered by the interest income generated by the fund.

Endowment example
Once a large principal accumulates the "snowball" effect
of compounding interest generates more income than
the initial gift.

The fund is intended for church purposes which are not funded through the annual operating budget; however, gifts which intend to supplement programs and ministries are appropriate.  The primary factor in determining whether a gift is an endowment is if the donor desires the gift to remain intact - the principal is protected - and only the income the gift produces can be used for current programs and ministries.

Trinity's Directed Giving Funds

There are many ways to give to Trinity beyond the offering plate and pledge card which support current ministries.  Gifts designed to preserve the gift and be combined with other gifts to produce income in perpetuity are an Endowment.

For example, if you wanted to give $5,000 to help with higher education there are 2 possibilities:
Designated Gift - used by Trinity's scholarship committee and likely all of the $5,000 will be dispersed in a few years.
Endowment Gift - invested in the Endowment Fund with other gifts.  The Endowment Fund Committee releases interest each year in perpetuity to Trinity's scholarship committee and the $5,000 gift remains as principal in the endowment fund.

Both forms of giving have advantages and disadvantages.  Designated giving releases the entire gift for immediate ministry while an endowment gift preserves your gift and releases a much smaller (the interest only) amount for current ministry each year.

Honoring God - Leaving a legacy - building lives
The Endowment Fund has three sub-funds you may give to:

Property and Maintenance
Income (not principal) helps Trinity's trustees maintain and enhance our campus.

Income (not principal) helps Trinity's scholarship committee assist members with education.

Income (not principal) helps Trinity's council fund new ministries and meet special needs.

Our Partnership  - The Florida United Methodist Foundation, Inc.

An agreement between Trinity UMC and The Florida United Methodist Foundation was established on October 15, 1992.  The Foundation acts as a trustee for the fund investing and administering it in accordance with the social principles of The United Methodist Church.

The Florida United Methodist Foundation, Inc. was established on July 19, 1966 as an institution of the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Its purpose is to facilitate charitable giving to churches, institutions, boards or agencies of the Florida Annual Conference.  Its membership consists of the lay and clergy members of the conference.  It is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors.  The Foundation is exclusively for charitable, religious, and educational purposes as described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Trinity Endowment Fund Leadership

The Endowment Fund Committee consists of: the senior pastor (non-voting member), the lay leader, the council chair*, the church treasurer, the finance chair*, the trustees chair*, the scholarship committee chair*, and 3 at-large members nominated by the nominations committee and elected by the church conference for 3-year terms.  (* or representative)

Brochures (PDF):

Trinity - Endowment Fund  
The Florida Foundation - Development Fund, Planned Giving, Investment

Contact Trinity's church office for further information: 941.924.7756  x0  * 


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